Alfa 4C Replacement Rotor Rings


Save your rotor hat, replace worn out discs and hardware. Save money by reusing your quality billet aluminum hats when it comes time to replace your worn out 4CULTRAdiscs. We will send you brand new slotted discs and hardware!

Please note: These only work with 4CULTRAdisc hats.  Don't have 4C ULTRAdiscs yet? Click here to learn more about these premium 2-piece rotors for your Alfa 4C.

Price is per pair (2 rotor discs) and necessary hardware.

We are proud to say that these rotors are as functional as they are beautiful. Many hours of R&D went into creating the lightest, strongest, and most effective brake rotors possible. No compromises were made. If you want THE BEST rotors available for your Alfa 4C, look no further. Developed and manufactured by Girodisc.

Slotted, not drilled

  • Clean rotor-pad interface and maintain maximum grip surface.
  • Will not compromise structural integrity like drilled rotors that tend to crack.

High carbon-iron rotor

  • Stable thermal properties. Longer wear characteristics. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Premium hardware included

  • Cadmium plated alloy bushings. Grade 12.9 cap screws with spring washers. Much more effective at reducing heat in the braking system than a simple 2-piece rotor.

Cool BOTH Sides of your Car

  • OEM rotors have curved vanes for cooling; however, the same rotor is used from side to side, rendering its effects void on one side.
  • Our rotors are specific to each corner.
  • Directionally curved vanes act as a centrifugal air pump to actively move cooling air through the rotor as it rotates, quickly removing the heat that causes brake fade.

Model Compatability

  • Alfa 4C


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