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Improve Steering Response and Corner Balance Properly!  Replacement of the original rubber-end links with our 4Clinx will result in more direct and immediate effect from the swaybars. No more rubber “mush into place” effect.  If you have lowered your 4C then you need these adjustable end links.  Lowered cars with stock end links will suffer from loaded swaybars when static.  The 4Clinx will allow you to corner balance your Alfa without any undue influence from your sway bars.  A must for any lowered 4C.  Lifetime Warranty.  

Anti-torsion Spherical Road Ends = No Rattle + No Bind + Strength + Racecar Performance

  • Large surface area prevents flex at mounting surface
  • Innovative shape prevents any binding throughout suspension travel

Fully Adjustable Link Length = Unloaded Swaybars + Corner Balance Ability

  • Hexagonal shaft allows for easy length adjustment with a wrench
    • feature unique left/right threaded design
  • Professional Race-Quality rod ends are Teflon-lined
    • feature a jam nut to lock in desired length
    • 35deg of freedom ensures bind-free operation
  • See our Blog for the cross weight benefit we realized: V2linx Install

High Quality Components + Made in the USA = Peace of Mind

  • Pro Race-Quality rod ends offer superb performance/reliability
    • stainless bearings & Teflon lined
  • Custom machined conical spacers are hard coated
    • no deformation or rust
  • Ultra-precise machining eliminates slop and free play
  • All components are 100% Stainless Steel for rust prevention
  • Zinc plated hardware
    • grade 10.9 front (due to higher loads)
    • grade 8.8 rear



  • If these ever fail, contact us and we will send you a replacement

Model Compatibility

  • '14+ Alfa 4C + Spyder
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