QWKbleed Lines


Get All The Air Out - FAST!  Our new front brake line solution fixes a problem that has stymied Tesla Roadster and Lotus owners for years. The stock front AP calipers and lines trap air which requires repeated bleeding and/or caliper removal. The QWKbleed Lines (quick bleed lines) kit replaces the stock lines with stainless lines and special brake fittings that make bleeding your brakes a QUICK and easy process.

Innovative Design = Fast & Easy Brake Bleeds

  • Special fittings + Stainless lines provide easy access for bleeding brakes
  • Confidently flush your brake fluid knowing that air bubbles will be easy to bleed out

High Quality Parts = Peace of Mind

  • DOT quality lines with polyurethane coating + lock nuts + steel fitting ends
  • Line bleeder fittings in zinc plated steel + rubber caps + copper crush washers

Bolt-in Installation = Easy & Reverseable

  • No modifications of your calipers
  • Intermediate mechanical skills required
  • Complete installation instruction are provided


Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06-'08 Exige with standard 2 piston AP front calpers
    • requires clam removal for line installation
  • Tesla Roadster with standard 2 piston AP front calpers

NOTE: BRAKES ARE A CRITICAL PART OF YOUR LOTUS.  Incorrect installation of brake components can cause a major safety problem or an accident. If you are not a qualified mechanic please take the vehicle to a dealer or competent automotive mechanic for the installation of these parts.  



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