Wishbone Refresh Service

from 925.00

Refresh Those Old Nasty Wishbones! Our exchange service will allow you to refresh your Lotus with like-new wishbones that have been nickel plated and then loaded with new balljoints and bushes. You get to select what type of bush you want and we install them for you. The wishbones arrive ready to install. This is a complete car set of 8 Wishbones, Balljoints & Bushes.

Refinished & Rebuilt = Ultimate Convenience & Peace of Mind

  • We strip OEM wishbones

  • We have them nickel plated*

    • *Finish will vary based on the condition of the wishbone

  • We install new Balljoints

  • We install new Bushes (You Select Type)

Why Nickel Plate?

  • Allows for easy inspection for cracks/breaks unlike powdercoat

  • Durable for exterior use

  • We like the way it looks

    • not as bling as chrome or as boring as a clear zinc plate

How Does This Service Work?

  1. You select and purchase package

  2. You will clean, pack and send us your good wishbones

    • Please insure them and send us the tracking information

  3. Upon arrival, we will inspect your wishbones to confirm they are in good working condition

    • We will contact if any are damaged and will advise replacement cost/timing

    • We will charge an additional $100 of they require cleaning

  4. Wishbones will be stripped and nickel plated

    • We will dispose of the old balljoints and bushes

  5. We will rebuild them to your spec

  6. They will be shipped back to you with FedEx Ground

    • Expedited service available for extra cost

  7. This process can take 2-6 weeks depending upon the condition of your wishbones

    • *The final finish will be dependent upon the condition of your wishbones. There will be natural variation in the finish from shiny to dull. We do NOT guarantee a consistent aesthetic finish.

Model Compatibility:

  • S2 Elise, Exige & 211

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