V2 Fuel Tank


Fix Fuel Starvation at the Source! The factory fuel tank will starve your engine with track use. Prevent this dangerous lean condition with our fuel tank. Retain all your emissions and safety equipment to keep your car street legal. Our tank starts out as a stock OEM tank and is modified to our spec. We've run it as low as 1 gallon of fuel with no measured starvation.

Run Low Fuel Levels Safely

  • ATL trap doors insure that fuel is captured within the same cavity as your pump
  • New baffle is designed to retain fuel correctly

Peace of Mind = Street Legal

  • Modified tank is pressure tested for 24hrs to insure they are leak free
  • Stock tanks are used as a starting point and then modified
    • Some denting/scratches will be normal & will not effect performance
  • All safety & emissions devices are retained

Engineered & Modified by V2 Motorsports 

  • Stock tank is cut open
  • Old baffle and sealant is removed
  • New baffle is welded in place along with proprietary venting
  • ATL trap doors are installed
  • Completed tank is pressure tested for 24hrs

Send us Your Tank = We Send You a Modified Tank

  • Please call us first to arrange your exchange
    • Your tank will need to be prepped per our procedures
    • The $80 flat-rate shipping wihtin the continental US is included in the purchase price. 
    • You may send us your tank after your new tank is installed for a $500 core charge that is refunded when your tank is received in good condition

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06+ Exige & Elise


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