TRACKmounts 2


Want Better Shifting & Throttle Response?  Engine movement in our cars is so severe that missed shifts are a common problem faced by trackday enthusiasts.  This excessive movement also reduces the responsiveness and is contributing to broken exhausts systems.  The TRACKmounts2 kit comes with 2 mounts for the front and rear.  The mounts reduces the movement that contributes to poor shifter feel and throttle response. It was developed by Innovative Mounts to provide more engine support which helps stabilize the shift cables.  This creates a much more positive shifting action and selection.  Each TRACKmount2 features tapered polyurethane bushings that eliminate interference between the mount and the chassis.  An Inokinetic exclusive!

Less motor rotation = Improved Shifting & Throttle Response

  • Only the two critical mounts are changed
    • These mounts take all of the unwanted engine movement. 
  • Less opportunity for miss shifts
  • Great throttle response
       -mid corner control is significantly better
  • Less exhaust system stress
       -less exhaust system breakage leading to replacement

Quality construction = Lifetime Warranty

  • Stress Analyzed
  • CAD/CAM Designed
  • Steel construction
  • Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings
  • Innovative true torque positioning technology (TTPT)
  • Black crinkle finished power coat
  • Durable in all conditions
  • Excellent finish

Comprehensive Bolt-on solution = Suitable for Intermediate Mechanics

  • No engine removal required
  • No modification required for installation
  • Reuses OE hardware
  • Replaces 2 OEM mounts
    • Front engine mount
    • Rear transmission mount

Motorsports Ready = Recommended for Track Focused Cars

  • Track focused and/or aggressive street cars
  • Not recommended for street only cars (vibration may not be acceptable to some users)

Model compatibility:

  • All Toyota powered Elise, Exige, Cup & 211
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