technoCAL: Stage 1 Tune

from 1,250.00

More Power! This Stage 1 tune is designed to upgrade stock Elise/Exige & Evora/Evora S.  We recalibrated the stock tunes to create more safe power. Comes with flashing tool that allows you to download/upload/store tunes.

More Power + Smooth Delivery = Improved Driving

  • Noticeable power increase

  • Our calibration delivers linear and smooth power delivery

    • Driveability is like stock: proper idle and throttle response

Safe Calibration = Peace of Mind

  • Fuel/timing maps were changed to deliver additional power

  • Safe AFRs were used to ensure reliability

  • Tuned with 91octane

  • Delete your cat on your track car as it will fail sooner than later

Hand-held Flash Tool = Download/Upload/Store Your Tunes

  • You can flash you ECU via your OBDII port

    • easy to load future flashes or return car to stock flash

  • Hand-held tool is locked to your car

  • Hand-held tool can be used to Read/Clear Engine Codes

Hardware Required:

  • Free-flow muffler

Software Link Below:

Model Compatibility & Expected Gains*

  • '05 + Elise: +6-8% Hp & +8-12% Torque

  • '06 Exige: +6-8% Hp & +8-12% Torque

  • '07-'11+ Exige: +8-10% Hp & +10-14% Torque

  • '10+ Evora: +8-10% Hp & +16-18% Torque

  • '11-16 Evora S: +10-12% Hp & +12-16% Torque

  • KATANA kits

  • EVORA 400: +28Hp & +18lb-ft Torque

    • THIS IS A BENCH TUNE at this time.

    • Programmer will be provided - Please call to discuss

Important service and warranty information


    • InoKinetic products may not be legal for sale or use in the state of California on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles. Performance products are legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used on a public highway.

    • This product will void your factory warranty.

*Results of our dyno testing. We cannot guarantee the exact increase in your application. Power figures are based on DYNO testing done on our vehicles. Results may vary depending on conditions and car. 

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