SYS 6 Pack


More seat security + safe 6-point harness attachment! The sys.6.pack was designed for 2 purposes. First, it reinforces the driver and passenger seat rails for greater safety in a collision. Second, it provides the best and safest attachment method should you choose to install a 6-point harness. This simple, lightweight kit works with your stock seat rails, anchoring them directly to the chassis. Recommended for street driven and track driven cars. Will work with stock seat belt or 4 to 6 point harnesses. 

Reinforce Driver and Passenger Seats

  • Compatible with stock seats and race seats.
  • Bolt your seat rail directly to the chassis.
  • Far less likely to dislodge under extreme force.

Attach Your 6-Point Harness the Safe Way

  • Specially designed pinch plate routes crotch strap in recommended angle.
  • Low profile system allows for proper under seat mounting.
  • Powder coated pinch plates protect your harnesses.
  • We worked directly with Schroth to design this kit.

Easy Installation

  • Detailed written installation instructions provided.
  • Kit includes parts for driver and passenger seat rails.
    • High strength stainless hardware.
    • Lightweight aluminum plates and fender washers.

    Simplify seat removal

    • Removing and replacing seats is easier.
    • No more cross-threading concerns.

    Model Compatibility:

    • '05+ Elise
    • '06 Exige, '07-09 Exige S & Cup240/Cup255
    • 211 

    This kit includes all the hardware for BOTH driver and passenger seats.


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