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Street Friendly & Increased Wear Than Stock!  This clutch is perfect for anyone looking for a stock replacement clutch.  This clutch is engineered for extended (20% increased) wear, 70% increased holding capacity yet normal, smooth engagement and operation.  Similar pedal effort to stock.  Built for us in the USA by Clutch Masters.

Each kit includes:

  • Heavy duty pressure plate
    • redesigned fulcrum point increases leverage to improve clamping while minimizing pedal effort
    • Enhanced ductile iron casting with strong straps and hardware
  • Sprung friction disc with steel backing and spring retention
    • Organic material on both sides
    • Steel backing plate improves thermal dissipation and longer life
  • Release bearing
  • Alignment tool

Model Compatibility:

  • 2ZZGE equipped cars
  • '05-'11 Elise, Exige, Exige S
  • NOT Recommended for AutoX or Drag racing

Break-in Period

  • 500 miles of normal driving is required to properly seat the flywheel and pressure plate
    • no full throttle
    • no compression braking
    • no clutch drops
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Clutch FX100.jpg
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