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Improve Shifting Feel & Throttle Response Easily! These rubber mount inserts install into the FRONT and/or REAR engine/trans mounts to help reduce powertrain movement on your Toyota-powered Lotus. Missed shifts, broken exhausts are just some of the problems caused by excessive engine movement while at the track. We recommend installing both mounts but they are available separately.

Single Design = Easy Install & Low Price

  • Inserts into two of the critical OE mounts

    • The front & rear mounts take most of the unwanted movement.

  • OE mounts are retained as the sportINSERTS2 fill the cavities within the mounts.

Less motor rotation = Improved Shifting & Throttle Response

  • Less opportunity for miss shifts

  • Great throttle response
    -mid corner control is significantly better

  • Less exhaust system stress
    -less exhaust system breakage leading to replacement

Motorsports Ready = Recommended for Track Focused Cars

  • For street driven cars with occasional track days

  • Virtually no additional vibration at speed

    • some additional vibrations will be felt at idle

Model compatibility:

  • 2ZZGE engined: Elise, Exige, Cup & 211

Available Kits:

  • Front inserts only

  • Rear inserts only

  • Front & Rear inserts

    • 4 half pieces as shown in picture above

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