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Improve Shifting Feel & Throttle Response Easily! These polyurethane mount inserts install on the front and rear engine mounts to help reduce engine movement on your Toyota-powered Lotus. Missed shifts, broken exhausts are just some of the problems caused by excessive engine movement while at the track. 

Single Design = Easy Install & Low Price

  • Inserts into two of the critical OE mounts
    • The front & rear mounts take most of the unwanted movement.
  • OE mounts are retained

Less motor rotation = Improved Shifting & Throttle Response

  • Less opportunity for miss shifts
  • Great throttle response
       -mid corner control is significantly better
  • Less exhaust system stress
       -less exhaust system breakage leading to replacement

Motorsports Ready = Recommended for Track Focused Cars

  • For street driven cars with occasional track days
  • Virtually no additional vibration at speed
    • some additional vibrations will be felt when stopped the car is not moving

Model compatibility:

  • Elise, Exige, Cup & 211

Kit includes:

  • all inserts for front & rear mounts
    • 4 half pieces as shown in picture above
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