sonicFURY muffler system

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Light + Loud + Drone-Free!  The new sonicFURY is an amazing sounding muffler - it is properly sporty yet does not drone. Watch/listen to the video clip: HERE  We used a Helmholtz chamber to get this perfect balance.  We now have two tip choices: OG & Stinger!

This muffler is designed for naturally aspirated or supercharged cars as it is a straight through design utilizing 2.5" stainless pipe.  

Made in the USA Exclusively for us.  

Street Legal + Wicked Sound = Responsible Yet Happy Driver

  • Watch this video of the prototype: HERE

  • Here is a client video with great sound clips: HERE

  • Fantastic sound makes it a true sportscar for all the senses

    • wicked above 6k rpms

    • totally civil below 5k rpms

  • Our system is a bolt-on solution that is installed after the factory cat

High Quality Materials = Long Life & Performance

  • T304 Stainless Steel construction

  • 2.5" tubing

  • Straight through design

    • maintains factory power output

  • Uses factory locations for hangars

  • Comes with required clamp

    • no cutting or welding

  • OG weighs = 14.7lbs

  • Stinger weighs = 15.25lbs

No Drone = Blissful Highway Cruising!

  • Helmholtz Chamber is a simple method used to target specific low wave lengths that cause drone

    • Our supplier used sophisticated measurement equipment to target the undesireable wavelengths in our Elise

  • Wind & tire noise is now louder during cruising

2 Cool Designs = Different Yet The Same

  • Two tip choices:

    • OG = tip exits straight back, all brushed

    • Stinger = tip exits at an angle, all polished

  • Both tip designs exit above rear diffuser

  • OG = All Brushed finish only

  • Stinger = All Polished only

Model Compatability

  • '04+ Lotus Elise/Exige variants with 2ZZGE engines

  • You will need to delete the stock rear panel

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Additional Info

Client Testimonial

This exhaust is not getting the attention it deserves. I just installed it yesterday and I am completely blown away by it. 

When I first took it out, I was a bit disappointed. It was so tame.. so OEM, with maybe a bit of anger (think OEM sports exhaust). I kept thinking, when the 2nd cam kicks in, its gonna be way too tame and suck. But then I tried to get it to drone, AC, windows up, 6th gear doing 70 and accelerating.. Nothing.. All i heard was faint exhaust, a bit of SC whine, rattles and my passenger side window isn't sealing good. Wow.. Ok, so maybe a tame exhaust isn't that bad.

But then I turned around and went under a bridge.. Might was well try this thing out. I felt sorry for everyone under that bridge. I had no idea it was gonna be ear bleeding, idiot with a sport bike loud. Wow again. I then proceeded onto the freeway and was going for it. Its very loud....I prefer the small and high revving motor noises vs old school V8 sound and it def delivered. Then I dropped it into 6th gear and all was silent again...I cruised all the way home, loving the zero drone and zero boom. 

Easily the best exhaust I've ever had. To have such a loud exhaust when I want and then for it to go full silent is perfection that I've never had with an aftermarket exhaust. Its either been too quiet or too loud. I've always wanted a switch to go OEM and aftermarket, depending on my mood.