sonicFURY muffler system

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Light + Loud + Drone-Free!  Making a cat-back muffler that sounds properly sporty yet does not drone in a Lotus is difficult to do.  We've now done it.  The new sonicFURY is an amazing sounding muffler  - watch/listen to the video clip: HERE  We used a Helmholtz chamber to get this perfect balance.  This is the first such use in a Lotus!  

This muffler is designed for naturally aspirated or supercharged cars as it is a straight through design utilizing 2.5" stainless pipe.  

Made in the USA Exclusively for us.  

    Street Legal + Wicked Sound = Responsible Yet Happy Driver

    • Watch this video of the prototype: HERE
    • Fantastic sound makes it a true sportscar for all the senses
      • wicked above 6k rpms
      • totally civil below 5k rpms
    • Our system is a bolt-on solution that is installed after the factory cat

    High Quality Materials = Long Life & Performance

    • T304 Stainless Steel construction
    • 2.5" tubing
    • Straight through design
      • maintains factory power output
    • Uses factory locations for hangars
    • Comes with required clamp
      • no cutting or welding
    • weighs = 14.7lbs

      No Drone = Blissful Highway Cruising!

      • Helmholtz Chamber is a simple method used to target specific low wave lengths that cause drone
        • Our supplier used sophisticated measurement equipment to target the undesireable wavelengths in our Elise 
      • Wind & tire noise is now louder during cruising

      Cool Design = Different Yet The Same

      • Our tip exits above rear diffuser
        • diffuser exit system coming in the near future
      • Brushed finish or optional polished (shown in third picture)

      Model Compatability

      • '04+ Lotus Elise/Exige variants with 2ZZGE engines
      • You will need to delete the stock rear panel


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