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Improved Shift Feel & Strength!  This shifter mechanism improves the overall feel of the Lotus shifter found in the Toyota powered Elise/Exige variants. It has been engineered to fit within the factory center console and retains the factory handbrake. It also maintains the stock factory 'H' pattern shift layout.  The shiftR111 is extremely rigid.  We have recently improved it further with our new Lift Tube and a stronger CG spring for better centering when in neutral.

Engineered for Improved Feel & Strength = Driving Satisfaction!

  • Dramatic improvement in shift action

    • slots into each gear

    • smooth travel

  • Throws are similar to stock

    • no significant reduction in throw

    • will work with our Short Shift kit or the LETSLA

  • Rigid design for stiffness and reduces flex

    • handbrake mechanism is much more solid feeling

  • Retains OE reverse lockout collar

  • Engineered by in partnership with an ex-B&M Racing Shifter Engineer

  • Thoroughly track & street tested

High Quality Components = Durability & Long Life!

  • Machined billet parts are combined with fabricated sheet metal pieces

  • Anodized along with other special coatings

    • looks great without center console!

    • All Silver anodization is standard

  • Made in the USA

Bolt-in Design = Ease of Installation

  • Works with factory cables**, center console and hand brake

  • We recommend Professional Installation

    • 4-5hr installation

  • For best performance, we suggest that you add:

Model Compatibility

  • 04-11 Elise/Exige, Cup, 211

    • shiftR111 requires M10 gearknob

  • Right Hand Drive cars will fit with some additional drilling into shiftR111 base.

  • Evora version is available: HERE

* Images shown with optional M10 gearknob and Naked Switch Panel:

  • get Naked Switch Panel: HERE

  • get M10 Gearknob: HERE

**Stock cables require optional rod ends.  

Various Configurations:

  • Aftermarket Cables

  • Stock Cables

  • Handbrake Delete Bracket is available - contact us

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CG Color:
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Additional Info

Additional Parts May Be Required:

  • M10 Gearknob is required
  • '08+ cars require a new Lift Tube: See HERE

Configurations Explained

Aftermarket Cables

  • You are running aftermarket cables like ours, Sector111 or SSC

Stock Cables

  • You have factory cables.  We supply extra rod ends to attach stock cables to shiftR111.  This is reversible.

Aftermarket Cables & Naked

  • Same as above but includes the switch panel that will take the factory Emergency Flasher, Door Lock and TC buttons.  See image below.

Stock Cables & Naked

  • Same as above but includes the switch panel that will take the factory Emergency Flasher, Door Lock and TC buttons. See image below.

Handbrake Delete Bracket

  • This kit features smaller brackets that hold your trans cables retention block.  See picture below

Switch Panel for Running Your shiftR111 Naked

prototype part 

prototype part 

Handbrake Delete Bracket

handbrake delete bracket

Designed for cars that have deleted the handbrake.  Brackets allow for transmission cable retention block to be installed for correction orientation of cables.