Hey track addicts, strengthen your toe links! Our RTDbrace replaces the single shear ball-joint assembly (that is known to fail) with double shear, high-strength rod ends, a central brace that transfers loads to the chassis at three distinct points along with lighter toe links. Highly recommended for track driven vehicles especially those running r-compound tires.

Attaches to the transmission brace as a third pick up point

  • Will more evenly disperse load over the rear bulkhead.
  • Safer, stronger, more durable system.

Zinc plated DOM tubing.

  • Provides high strength and durability.
  • Resists corrosion.

Teflon lined rod ends supplied by the leading industry manufacturer, Aurora

  • Lifetime lubricant and shock load buffer.
  • Rod end’s ball and race interface remains smooth and maintains full contact.
  • Rated to 4100lbs per rod end.
  • Longer lasting, less maintenance.
    • Replace rod ends every 20 track days or if you feel any play in the system.

Custom machined adapters made from Billet Rod

  • Perfect fit and proper alignment.
  • Better feel and control.

Custom length toe links

  • Very strong rod end and toe link interface.
  • Significantly lighter than stock.

Hex shaft toe link design

  • Allows for easy & precise alignment adjustments.

"Nord-Lock" lock washers + JIS 10.9 hex head cap bolt + C-class top-lock nut

  • Helps prevent nuts from loosening.
  • Increases safety under any driving conditions.

    Car must be re-aligned after installation of the RTDbrace. 

    Model Compatibility:

    • All Elise & Exige
    • All 211
    • This brace is designed for non-Track Pack equipped cars, though it will work with either one.


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