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Hey Track Addicts, This is The Strongest & Lightest Toe Link Brace! Our RTD2brace eliminates all four ball-joint assemblies with stronger joints. Double shear, high-strength rod ends  are used on the vulnerable inner joints and aircraft grade steel pins are used outboard. This kit replaces the stock balljoint with proven components to create an extremely strong  joint that is rated at 31,731lb-f.  A central brace that transfers loads to the chassis at three distinct points and lighter toe links complete this kit. Trusted by Lotus racers since 2006. Highly recommended for track driven vehicles especially those running r-compound or slick tires.

Attaches to the transmission brace as a third pick up point

  • Will more evenly disperse load over the rear bulkhead.
  • Safer, stronger, more durable system.
  • Strengthens rear sub-frame.

Nitron S99 Outboard Toe Pin Kit Included

Yellow Zinc Chromate plated DOM tubing "C3PO Edition"

  • Provides high strength and durability.
  • Resists corrosion.
  • Shiney & superior finish.

Teflon lined rod ends supplied by the leading industry manufacturer, Aurora

  • Lifetime lubricant and shock load buffer.
  • Rod end’s ball and race interface remains smooth and maintains full contact.
  • Rated to 4100lbs per rod end.
  • Longer lasting, less maintenance.

Custom machined adapters made from Billet Rod CR1018

  • Perfect fit and proper alignment.
  • Better feel and control.

LITElinx = Custom Hex Shaft & Length toe links

  • Very strong rod end and toe link interface.
  • Significantly lighter than stock.
  • Allows for easy & precise alignment adjustments.

"Nord-Lock" lock washers + JIS 10.9 hex head cap bolt + C-class top-lock nut

  • Helps prevent nuts from loosening.
  • Increases safety under any driving conditions.

Compared to DSbrace:

  • Eliminates Outboard Ball-joint
  • Better Reinforcement & Subframe stiffening
  • Better Performance


Car must be re-aligned after installation of the RTD2brace.

Model Compatibility:

  • All Elise & Exige
  • All 211
  • This brace is designed for non-Track Pack equipped cars, though it will work with either one.

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