Replacement Rod End


Keep extra rod ends at all times. The rod ends included in our RTD2brace, RTDbrace, and DSbrace will wear out with regular track use. We recommend replacing these wear-items when you detect some play / movement in the system, or every 20 trackdays (actual wear will vary).  Keep a pair in your tool kit just in case.  

This is the same heim included with the RTD2brace. Will also work with DSbrace and RTDbrace.

Teflon lined

  • Lifetime lubricant and shock load buffer.
  • Rod end’s ball and race interface remains smooth and maintains full contact.

Supplied by the leading industry manufacturer, Aurora.

  • Rated to 4100lbs per rod end.
  • Longer lasting, less maintenance.

Model Compatibility

  • RTD2brace
  • DSbrace
  • RTDbrace

Price is per 1 singular rod end. DSbrace, RTDbrace and RTD2brace come with two in the kit, and we suggest replacing both at once.

Note: Does not fit with factory or stock toe link braces. Only fits with RTD2brace, RTDbrace, DSbrace

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