Need Better Shifting & Throttle Response in Your Race Lotus?  Engine movement in our cars is so severe that missed shifts are a common problem faced by trackday enthusiasts.  This excessive movement also contributing to broken exhausts systems.  The RACEmounts4 kit comes with 4 mounts to insure the best isolation and durability.  This creates a much more positive shifting action and selection.  Each RACEmount features tapered polyurethane bushings that eliminate interference between the mount and the chassis.  An Inokinetic exclusive!

Less motor rotation = Improved Shifting & Throttle Response

  • Less opportunity for miss shifts
  • Great throttle response
       -mid corner control is significantly better
  • Less exhaust system stress
       -less exhaust system breakage leading to replacement

Quality construction = Lifetime Warranty

  • Stress Analyzed
  • CAD/CAM Designed
  • Steel construction
  • Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings
  • Innovative true torque positioning technology (TTPT)
  • Black crinkle finished power coat
  • Durable in all conditions
  • Excellent finish

Comprehensive Bolt-on solution = Suitable for Intermediate Mechanics

  • No engine removal required
  • No modification required for installation
  • Reuses OE hardware
  • Replaces all 4 OEM mounts - even distribution of the load across ALL mounts

Motorsports Ready = Recommended for Track Focused Cars

  • 85A durometer urethane
  • Track focused and/or aggressive street cars
  • Not recommended for street only cars (vibration may not be acceptable to some users)

Model compatibility:

  • Elise, Exige, Cup & 211
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