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Is your Lotus getting a little hot under the collar when tracking? Our ProAlloy radiator is just the solution to ensure proper cooling for those times you’re charging at the track or driving on the street on an excessively hot day.

We offer 2 variations of our proRAD

  1. TRIPLE PASS. This innovative 3 Pass radiator delivers noticeable improvements for street and track driving. A must have for all track day enthusiasts! The 3 pass system design directs collant through a greater portion of the radiator, resulting in significantly improved efficiency. 
  2. SINGLE PASS. his single pass ProAlloy radiator is an excellent upgrade over the stock, leak-prone radiator. This is an ideal solution for street driven cars that are normally aspirated. 


Direct replacement for the standard unit

•All holes pre drilled and ready to fit

•No fitment issues when replacing

•Cost effective. No modifying  

•Available in Silver finish  

Twin row 45mm thick, high efficiency alloy core

•Enhanced cooling over stock

•Stable temperature control in warm temperatures

Aluminum end tanks (good for high pressure systems)

•All radiator cores are fully brazed

•Replaces plastic OE material (known to crack)

•Increased durability

•Increased Longevity

Produced by industry leader Pro Alloy

•25 Years of experience

•Specialists in alloy radiators

Model Compatibility:

  • Toyota-powered S2 variants

  • Recommended with our radHOSES

Note About Visual Brazing Marks:

  • Brazing marks are present on all brazed radiator and intercooler cores and are sometimes slightly  more visual on some batches than others.  These are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the operation of the radiator.

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