Plug N Play Fuel Pump


Upgrade Your Higher Hp Car Easily & Safely Our OE Denso fuel pump and machined housing cap are the perfect upgrade to any 260+hp Lotus.  This is the pump used by Lotus in the Exige S260.  We track & lab tested this kit to insure performance.  Improperly modified fuel systems are usually the biggest source of fires on race cars - avoid that risk.  No modifications are needed to your wiring or housing with our kit and insures peace of mind.

Plug-N-Play = Safe & Reliable

  • Plugs into factory fuel pump wiring harness
  • Machined cap snaps onto factory housing
    • provides added clearance for larger pump
  • Can easily be reversed

Recommended for Cars Making 260-350hp = High Performance Safety Margin

  • Denso fuel pump is made to OE quality specifications
  • Greater than 50% flow over stock pump
    • 280lb/hr vs 150lb/hr (47psi)
    • see our Lab testing under Product Reference
  • We've run this kit in our last two Elises with KATANA265
    • countless track days and street use
  • Recommended with our KATANA265, BLADE275 & BLADE300 power packages

Model Compatibility

  • '04+ Elise, Exige, 240 Cup
  • Perfect complement to the V2 Fuel Tank  

Important Service Information*

  • Professional Installation recommended
  • Working with fuel systems should be done by experienced mechanics
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