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Outer Pin Kit

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Stiffen Your Toe Link & Gain Control! This rod end and pin/stem upgrade from DNA Racing eliminates the outer balljoint to reduce unwanted toe movement. Finer toe adjustments can now be made without removing your diffuser. Includes rubber boot for additional weather resistance.

Eliminate Unwanted Toe Changes = Better Handling

  • Strengthen this final part of the toe link system

  • High quality & tight tolerance machined parts reduces any unwanted toe movements

Superior Materials = Peace of Mind

Especially Recommended for Race & Track Use

  • Highly recommended for track use only

    • This kit will impart more feel to your car

  • NOT recommended for street only cars.

    • OE outer ball joint is preferred for street use

  • Rear toe alignment required after installation

Model Compatibility

  • Any Elise/Exige variant with:

    • RTD or RTVbrace

    • DSbrace

    • TLUkit

    • Factory Toe link brace

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Out Pin Kit 2.jpg
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