OEalt Bushings

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Our Newest Stock Replacement Bushings! We developed this inner wishbone bushing replacement kit as the perfect way to refresh your suspension and add performance. These feature a steel sleeve that is a significant improvement over the stock plastic sleeves.  We've found that the plastic sleeves allow the bushes to 'wander' and allow the a-arm to make contact with the chassis.  Our bushes are slightly harder giving you a more precise suspension feel. If your car has seen track time, uses sticky tires or has many miles, it may be time for a proper upgrade and refresh.

Better Performance = Faster Lap Times & More Enjoyable Feel

  • Steel sleeve with lip
    • will prevent bushes from wandering
    • makes for easy installation
    • zinc-plated
  • Stiffer than OE bushings (~5%)
    • More direct suspension feel
    • No suspension "wandering"

OE-Like Replacements = Durable & Practical

  • Perfect in all weather conditions
  • No noise or vibration penalties
  • Direct replacements
    • Press out old bushing and press in these

3 Kits are Available: 

  • Kit 1 fits: one Front Upper or Front Lower or Rear Upper a-arm
    • 2 larger bushes
  • Kit 2 fits: one Rear Lower a-arm
    • 1 large bush
    • 2 small bushes
      • 1 pair combine for the forward mount on the lower rear a-arm
  • Kit 3: Complete car kit
    • 14 large bushings
    • 4 small bushings
      • 2 pair combine for the forward mount on the lower rear a-arms.

Model Compatibility:

  • All S2 Lotus Elise/Exige
  • Cup cars
  • 211
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