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Also Fits Tesla Roadster

TALL Owners Improve your Forward Vision! - Eliminate the blind spot created by the over-sized OEM rear view mirror during right turns. Our 4"  black, oval mirror minimizes this blind spot whilst providing adequate rearward visibility.  We custom designed our mirror to bolt to the stock window puck/cleat. Simply remove the stock mirror and bolt on the microMIRROR™! Some minor assembly required.

Model Compatibility

  • '05-'07+ Elise.
  • '06 Exige & '07+ Exige S.
  • Tesla Roadster - order '07+ microMIRROR
  • Fits Left Hand Drive Cars Only


The short answer is that the MicroMirror is a total success - greatly improved forward visibility, no significant degradation of rear visibility. I thought I would miss the day/night feature, but I don't at all. I recommend this as an upgrade to every single Tesla (and every single Elise for that matter).
-Martin Eberhard, Founder and former CEO of Tesla Motors

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