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Need a better way to hold up your trunk lid!  Bent your trunk prop? Tired of juggling your gear while trying to open and prop up your engine deck lid?   This tasty aluminum bit allows you to single handedly open the trunk lid and lock it in place. Plus, it opens up even higher than the standard lid prop for even better access to the engine and trunk area, without fear of hitting the roll bar cover.  Bolt-on solution requires no permanent modifications to your Lotus.  Another Inokinetic Exclusive!

LIDbone weighs 0.4 lbs.

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise 2ZZ engine only

Note: We recommend removing the LIDbone when tracking or autoXing your car. Excessive engine movement can bend the LIDbone -unless you are running one of our engine mount solutions like the TRACKmounts2 or RACEmounts4

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