Lightweight Fabric Tow Strap for your Elise/Exige/211! All of the coolest cars now come equipped with fabric tow straps. They are light and effective. In fact, some race series require straps that do not extend further than the body work to minimize damage during light contact. We designed our custom solution for the Elise and Exige with proper function and a dash of street fit & finish.  We could have made a crude piece for much less but it would have been out of place on a nicely modded street car.  

Proper Function

  • Screws into existing OE front tow hook point
    • no modifications
    • will clear Elise grills
  • Strong enough to pull car out when required
  • Fabric strap can be folded back into clevis
    • prevent loop from flapping about
    • greater discretion

Proper Materials

  • Machined billet clevis engineered for Lotus fitment (with or without grills)
    • wavy washer or nut allows position of clevis to be properly set
    • durable black hard anodized finish
  • Automotive-grade fabric webbing is sewn onto clevis by our partners HMS/Schroth USA
    • Red or Black
    • Fabric strap has 6,000lb breaking strength
    • 80mm loop can be double backed into clevis

Model Compatibility

  • S2 & S3 Elise 
  • S2 Exige
  • 211

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