Komo-tec Evora S Valved Muffler

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Sound & Power! Komo-tec have produced a high quality valved muffler for the Evora S and V6 Exige. It delivers fantastic sound without loss of power. They developed this muffler on their in-house dyno to confirm performance. All stainless steel construction with 70mm primary tube and twin 85mm tips. Watch this video to hear this muffler: CLICK HERE

German Engineered for Performance & Quality

  • True difference in valve positions

    • Sporty sound with valve opened

    • Very quiet when the valve is closed

    • Listen: HERE

  • No loss in performance in either valve position

  • Stainless construction with excellent weld quality

  • Weighs 30lbs

    • Lighter than stock - save 10lbs

  • Choose between two 85mm tip styles:

    • Stainless Steel with perforated internal tube

    • CF sleeve (Special Order)

  • Bolt-in solution - no cutting or welding

  • Komo-tec have been tuning Lotus cars since the late 90s.

  • They test all their systems on their dyno

Model Compatibility

  • Evora S (not 400)

  • V6 Exige

  • Third Decat is recommended for best sound

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