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KMFCH - Evora Cupholder


We don't need no stinkin' cupholders - Most of the time!  There are those times that cup holders are a welcome accessory - even in a Lotus.  Staying hydrated is key to keeping your race driving skills honed!  Our simple Evora Cup holder requires no drilling, glue or velcro.  You can install it in seconds and remove it just as quick - so your purist friends don't know you've succumbed to the dark-side.  We admit to using the KMFCH for the last couple of years in our Evora...

    Excellent Retention & Stability

    • Held in place by small metal tab + compression between dash & door
      • Fits between dash and door on the passenger side
      • Well within reach of driver
    • Tested vigorously on De Luz Road
    • 3" diameter opening holds:
      • soda can
      • 8oz water bottle

    Easy/Quick Installation or Removal

    • No cutting, drilling or glue to install
    • Comes with a convenient mesh bag for storage

    Model Compatibility

    • 2010-2013 Evora


    • When installed, this cup holder sits close to the front passenger's knee and could become a hazard in a crash.  We'd recommend that you remove it if a passenger is in the car.  
    • If you drive alone then you can promptly ignore this warning
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