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IK Racetech Suspension: 46mm Triples


High Performance + Quality + Local Production! We have worked with a local suspension manufacturer, Racetech, to develop our new line of Elise/Exige suspensions. These 46mm bodied Triple Adjustable dampers are an excellent solution for street and track use. Low rebuild cost. Made in the USA exclusively for InoKinetic!

Performance + Value = Custom Valving Developed by InoKinetic

  • Perfect for street or track use

  • We spent 9months testing various set-ups to land on this solution and it works! Tested on our Elise since Summer of 2017

  • Developed with input from David Thilenius, Pro Ride & Handling Engineer

High Quality Components = Excellent Performance & Reliability

  • All of the parts are made in the USA

  • Easily rebuildable

    • lower cost vs others

  • Eibach springs

Comprehensive = Everything Needed to Install & Get on the Track

  • 4 Triple-adjustable 46mm shocks with remote reservoirs

  • 4 high-quality Red Eibach springs

  • 1 spring perch adjustment wrench

  • 16 spacers and 16 "O"-rings

  • New front upper suspension mounts - stainless

  • We provide a setup to help dial in your Lotus

Triple Adjustments = More Control & Grip

  • Adjust rebound easily by hand.

    • Stiffen adjustment for track use & then soften for the trip home.

    • 50 clicks of useable rebound adjustments.

  • Low Speed Compression adjustment on remote reservoir

    • adjust large body movements (sway, pitch, squat)

  • High Speed Compression adjustment on remote reservoir

    • adjust fast wheel movements

    • awesome for improved grip on track curbs or rough surfaces

  • Adjust ride height for proper corner balancing.

Choose Spring Rates = Customized Performance

  • Street (250 lbs/350 lbs)

    • Recommended for street and light track use

  • Street/Track (350 lbs/500 lbs)

    • Recommended for track cars

  • Track (450 lbs/650 lbs)

    • Recommended for track cars with medium aero.

Focused Engineering & High Quality = Peace of Mind

  • Lightweight alloy design.

  • Inverted design reduces unsprung weight.

  • Fully CNC billet machined and screwed together, no welding.

    • easy disassembly for low cost rebuilds

  • High quality Teflon line spherical bearings.

  • Spring perch collar + locking collar + tool

  • Adjustable length body(+10mm)

Model Compatibility

  • ‘04-’11 Elise & Exige, S

  • 211

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