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Value + Track Safety. Our new hubQR design is a high quality steering wheel quick release system available for the Lotus Elise/Exige. Easily enter/exit your cab, protect your Lotus from theft and quickly vacate if the unspeakable should happen.  Airbag deployment with a helmet can also cause significant injury. Now including SRS Disable Module. 

Easier exit and entry

  • Room to maneuver in and out of the seat.
  • Especially helpful in cars with roll cages.

Plug-and-play quick release kit for Elise/Exige (US models)

  • Provides same steering control as stock - no steering play.
  • Works with 6 bolt Momo/Raid patterned hubs
  • SRS Disable module included
    • Turns off air bag light that comes on when removing air bag.

Flared Ring quick release = Easy Removal

  • Disengages hub with simple pull - easy to use with gloves.
  • Eliminates accidental release.

Intrinsic weight elimination

  • Forgoes heavy air bag.
  • Will weigh less than stock, post install.
    • Stock=> 5 Lbs.
    • hubQR w/ Nardi steering wheel (see below) => 3.6 Lbs.

Enhanced security

  • Take the wheel with you, leave the car un-drivable.

Increased safety

  • Airbag deployment with a helmet can cause serious injury
  • In case of emergency, disengage wheel and get out faster.

Use with:


Model Compatibility:

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06 Exige & '07+ Exige S, 2240, S260
  • Stock steering wheel can NOT be used with this sytem
  • Will NOT work with Cup Exige or 211
  • Airbag light will be OFF with this system

Track Only

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