Having trouble with heel and toe (HNT) technique in your '05 Elise/Exige? The HNTpad™ will make rev matching your downshifts an easy process. By raising the level of the brake pedal pad, we've aligned it with the accelerator pedal to make rev matching a snap.  Bolt-on simplicity!  The HNTpad was developed by Sector111 back in 2004 and it is being used by 100s of satisfied Lotus owners - world-wide!  

You might want 2 of these little jewels. Some clients are using them on their brake AND clutch.

Simple & Effective:

  • Designed to slide onto your stock pedal
    • offers some side to side adjustment for narrow or wide feet
  • Tighten each bolt to secure HNTpad to your pedal

Designed for Track Use & Manufatcured to High Standards

  • Designed to resemble the cool extruded stock pedals
  • Each one is CNC machined
  • Available in SILVER only

Model Compatibility:

  • '04-'05 Elise & Exige
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