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Simple, Proven & Reliable Oil Control! The gPAN3 is a must if you track your Lotus. This is a direct replacement for your stock pan and will make oil starvation a thing of the past. A heavily-baffled cavity reduces vertical oil slosh. Additionally, the pan has been tweaked for clearance to ease wishbone removal. Oil sensor port has been relocated to the front of the pan to reduce wiring. Optional Turbo oil return port ($45) can be added.  The simple, high-quality and beautifully welded gPAN3 is track-focused and easy to install. Works with the stock windage tray and stock dip stick and comes with detailed installation instructions. Data proven performance on track! 

Race Focused Design = Better Performance

  • Redesigned internal baffles & trap doors keep oil at the pick-up.
    • Horizontal ledges reduce vertical oil sloshing over baffle cavity
      • more than gPAN2
  • Oil isolated in a properly sized 'oil control box' around the pick-up during high-g turns.
    • Size is key to preventing oil from escaping
    • Stable normal oil pressure in all situations.
  • Added oil capacity.
  • No unnecessary features
    • minimal number of ports to reduce oil leak potential
  • AiM data logger used to confirm adequate oil pressure on track
    • see Product Reference for info

Simple, Bolt-In Design = Much Easier Install

  • Works with stock dip stick.
  • Locator-studs provided to help line up pan.
  • Flat flanges.
    • Perfect, flush fit with engine block.
  • Flat pan walls means you can easily ratchet bolts onto engine block.
  • Works with the stock windage tray.
    • Windage tray prevents oil from sloshing up into the crank.
  • Works with the stock oil pump & pick-up.
  • Clearanced to ease wishbone removal
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions.

Beautiful Welds = Strong & Good Looking

  • Meticulously TIG welded inside & out.
  • Completely sealed.
  • TIG welded drain plug.
    • O-ring gasket for a better seal.
    • Machined seat for improved seal
  • TIG welded 1/8" NPT fitting.
    • For use with data acquisition sensors & other accessories.
    • Relocated to frontside for wiring ease
  • Full warranty on all workmanship claims.

Aluminum Construction = Lightweight & Strong

  • Built with 5052 Aluminum.
  • 3/8" billet aluminum rail.


Model Compatibility

  • Any Toyota 2ZZGE engine
  • May not fit S260 unless factory rear subframe stiffner is removed or modified


  • gPAN3  Drain Plug O-Ring
    • dash-10  AN Plug.
    • ID = .791"  (20.09mm)
    • OD = .945" (24.00mm)
    • Thickness = .1" (2.57 mm)


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GPAN 2.jpg

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