G-LOC Street Brake Pads GS-1

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Great Performance & Extended Wear!  The GS-1 is G-LOC's high-performance street compound. GS-1 produces very little dust and very little noice while maintaining excellent initial bite and torque for street use.  GS-1 is unmatched in the industry for disc/rotor friendliness as well as its longevity.  It gives excellent performance on the street and provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention.   Not recommended for track use.

Ceramic Pad Material = High Performing, Street Focused

  • Linear torque curve

    • Incredible braking force without ABS intervention

  • High clamping force at low temps

    • Operating range from ambient to 800°F

  • Easy-to-clean dust

Longer Pad & Rotor Life = Save on Replacements

  • Have been found to last longer than OE pads

  • Have been found to extend rotor life 2-3 times longer

Model Compatibility & Order Guide

  • Std Brakes = '05+ Elise & SC, '06-'07 Exige & 'S'

  • Cup Brakes = '08+ Exige S240, S260

  • Evora = Evora

Note: These pads do NOT come pre-bedded.

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