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G-LOC R8 Brake Pads

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Track Performance & Extended Wear! R8 is the first in G-LOC's extensive lineup of racing compounds.  Good initial bite along with excellent modulation and release characteristics.  Extremely high fade resistance and very rotor friendly.  Perfect for track day use with any tire and can still be driven safely to and from the track.  R8 is a popular compound for open wheel type race cars.  Excellent solution for lightweight cars.

Track Focused = High Performing

  • Linear torque curve
    • Incredible braking force without ABS intervention
  • High clamping force in wide temp range 
    • Operating rage 200°F-1250°F+ (93 °C to 676 °C)
    • Extremely high fade resistance

Longer Pad & Rotor Life = Save on Replacements

  • Very rotor friendly
  • 100% non-corrosive dust
    • Easy-to-clean dust

Model Compatibility & Order Guide

  • Std Brakes = '05+ Elise & SC, '06-'07 Exige & 'S' & 211
  • Cup: '08+ Exige S240, S260, Exige Sport Cup

Note:  These pads do NOT come pre-bedded.

Front or Rear:
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GLOC Front R8.jpg