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G-LOC R12 Brake Pads

from 190.00

Unmatched Racing Pad for Your Race Lotus! The R12 compound from G-LOC has an excellent initial bite and consistent torque, and outstanding fade resistance .  R12 continues the excellent release and modulation that has been engineered into all previous G-LOC compounds.  Not recommended for daily street use due to elevated dust and noise.

Track Focused = Lower Lap Times

  • High clamping force in wide temp range
    • Fade resistance is in excess of 200°F to 1860°F+ (93 °C to 1015 °C)
  • Excellent modulation
    • Ideal for trail braking

Longer Pad & Rotor Life = Save on Replacements

  • Very rotor friendly
  • 100% non-corrosive dust
    • Easy to clean dust

Model Compatibility & Order Guide

  • Std Brakes = '05+ Elise & SC, '06-'07 Exige & 'S' & 211
  • Cup Brakes = '08+ Exige S240, S260, Cup Car, 211(w/BBK)
  • Evora = Evora

*NOTE: These brake pads do NOT come pre-bedded!

Front or Rear:
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GLOC pad box_reg.jpg
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