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Fidanza V-2 Ceramic Track Clutch

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Perfect for cars with higher Hp.This new clutch from Fidanza's new  V-series, is designed to handle high-horsepower output from your Toyota motor. If you have added serious power, slicks, or worn out your stock clutch, think about picking up this Fidanza, track-oriented clutch. Premium quality parts make up this Fidanza clutch to give you maximum grip. For use on heavily-tracked, high-horsepower Lotus cars. No break-in period!

Safely Handle More Power = Confidence On-Track

  • Sprung hub
    • Capable of handling high HP without destroying transmission
    • Unsprung race clutches will damage transmissions
  • Balanced and tested pressure plate
    • Increased clamp load and strength over stock
  • 6-puck design
  • Strong ceramic clutch material 
  • Designed to handle the additional stress created from the following parts: supercharger, turbocharger, nitrous, cam gears, intake, ecu reflash, exhaust, header, and r-compound or slick tires.
  • Safely run up to 280 ft-lbs torque.
  • SFI Approved


Supreme Quality = Built To Last

  • High-Quality disc, spring and hub materials
    • Assembled with stout hardware
    • Extremely durable and consistent
  • Ceramic buttons
    • Maximum friction = added grip during shifting.
  • Built to handle more horsepower than the Fidanza V-1 Organic clutch.
  • Sprung hub design to reduce vibration
    • Caged for additional support and safety  

More Aggressive Engagement = Direct, Race-Car Feel

  • Clutch engagement is stronger than stock.
    • More aggressive ceramic material
  • Good choice for intermediate to expert drivers
    • Still some forgiveness with sprung hub, but can buck a little if you don't give it enough gas.
    • Great for aggressive drivers.
  • No clutch chatter.

Zero Break-In Period = No Wasted Track Time

  • Designed for track-oriented cars but can run on the street

Perfect Compliment to a Fidanza flywheel

  • Track proven performance, Fidanza is even better known for its aluminum flywheels.
  • Combine with a lightweight flywheel for maximum performance.

Kit Includes:

  • Pressure plate
  • Disc
  • Release bearing (throw-out bearing)
  • Alignment tool

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise & SC 
  • '06 Exige and '07+ Exige S, CUP
  • 211
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