Evora shiftR111+

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Improved Shift Feel & Strength!  This new shifter mechanism improves the overall feel of the Lotus shifter found in the Evora. It has been engineered to fit within the factory center console and retains the factory handbrake. It also maintains the stock factory 'H' pattern shift layout.  The shiftR111 is extremely rigid. 

Engineered for Improved Feel & Strength = Driving Satisfaction!

  • Dramatic improvement in shift action
    • slots into each gear
    • smooth travel
  • Throws are similar to stock
    • no significant reduction in throw
  • Rigid design for stiffness and reduces flex
    • handbrake mechanism is much more solid feeling
  • Engineered by in partnership with an ex-B&M Racing Shifter Engineer
  • Thoroughly track & street tested
  • Now with stiffer CG spring for improved centering when in neutral

High Quality Components = Durability & Long Life!

  • Machined billet parts are combined with fabricated sheet metal pieces
  • Anodized along with other special coatings
  • Made in the USA

Design For Ease of Installation

  • Comes with :
    • custom designed Lift Tube
    • The Bollock gearknob (M10)
  • Works with factory cables**, center console and hand brake
  • Small modifications (unseen) required
    • drilling 3 holes for nutserts to improve base mounting
    • triming of an internal rib (unseen) on the center console trim panel is required
  • We recommend Professional Installation
    • 6-8hr installation
  • For best performance, we suggest that you add:
    • Evora TRANScable found: HERE

Model Compatibility (Left Hand Drive)

  • '10+ Evora
  • Choose cable fitment in your car:
    • Aftermarket (like our TRANScables)
    • Stock (+$20)
Cable Fitment:
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