Strengthen & Lighten Your Toe Links-Affordably!  The DSbrace is a cost effective solution for the breakage-prone stock Lotus toe-link system.  The DSbrace kit replaces the stock balljoint with proven components to create an extremely strong  joint that is rated at 31,731lb-f.  This is the same rating as the tried and true RTD2brace and higher than anything on the market.  This toe link is also the lightest available with 1lb of unsprung weight savings.  No modifications required to your car!  Perfect for the trackday enthusiast.

Proven Engineered Solution = Track Reliability and Safety

  • High Quality components - as used in RTD2brace 
    • Aurora rod ends, teflon lined
    • Custom machined adapters made from billet CR1018
    • MIG Welded & Bent Sheet Metal Brackets - zinc plated
    • 10.9 hex head bolt + C-class top-lock nut + Nord-lock washer

Bolt-on = Return to Stock If You Like

  • Simple bolt-on solution requires no drilling or permanent modifications to your car
  • Detailed installation instructions

Compared to the RTD2brace, the DSbrace is:

  • More affordable
  • Simpler installation
  • Excellent value
  • Lighter

Most Tested Toe Link Solutions = Peace of Mind

  • Sector111 toe link braces have been used successfully on track & street since 2006
    • run for thousands of miles
  • Used by hundreds of Lotus Cup & trackday racers

Model Compatibility:

  • All Elise/Exige/211 variants

Car must be re-aligned after installation of the DSbrace

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