CUPdiscs-Front 308mm


CUPdiscs-Front 308mm

Our greatest performing rotor yet. Attention Cup car,Exige S 240 & S 260 owners! Save unsprung weight through 2-piece rotors in ALL four corners, superior construction, and improved braking performance. Plus they are more cost effective then replacing the Lotus Sport/AP rotors. Design is based off our highly successful ULTRAdiscs and then further improved for hardcore track and race use. Developed in conjunction with our brake partner Girodisc.  12.2lbs each

Price is per set of 2 Front 308mm Rotors.

Slotted, not drilled

  • Slotted to vent hot gases during hard braking.

  • Slots clean rotor-pad interface and maintain maximum grip surface.

  • Will not compromise structural integrity like drilled rotors that tend to crack.

Lightweight hats 

  • Aircraft 2024-T3 billet aluminum.

  • Grey military-spec hard anodized finish for increased protection.

    • Color of hats may not match perfectly from batch to batch.

High carbon-iron rotor

  • Stable thermal properties.

  • Longer wear characteristics.

True floating rotor

  • Cadmium plated alloy bushings. Grade 12.9 cap screws with spring washers.

  • Much more effective at reducing heat in the braking system than a simple 2-piece rotor.

Heat and stress relieved

  • Additional processing ensures greater durability for track driven cars.

Cool BOTH Sides of your Car

  • OEM rotors have curved vanes for cooling; however, the same rotor is used from side to side on the rear, rendering its effects void on one side.

  • Our rotors are specific to each corner.

  • Directionally curved vanes act as a centrifugal air pump to actively move cooling air through the rotor as it rotates, quickly removing the heat that causes brake fade.

Model Compatibility

  • Lotus Cup Car with Lotus Sport/AP Racing front brakes (308mm 2-piece rotors).

  • Lotus Exige S 240 & S 260

  • Any Elise or Exige that has been upgraded to the Lotus Sport/AP Racing front brakes (308mm 2-piece rotors).

  • Color of hats may not match perfectly from batch to batch.

  • Fronts not compatible with standard Lotus Elise, Exige, Exige S brakes. See our ULTRAdiscs for solutions for your car.


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