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Want to Expose Your Shifter or shiftR111? Our consoleCAP is a cool way to give people a peek at the mechanical bits that make manual trans cars so delightful! If you are already sporting our shiftR111 but want a wee bit more coverage, the consoleCAP delivers. Features holes for stock buttons. Similar in concept to the S3 naked center consoles.

Handcraft Skills Required = Install Instructions Provided

  • This product requires cutting a center console to achieve the final look.

    • CF center consoles are a cool alternative

    • Factory center consoles are cheap so we suggest buying one and keeping your original in a box

  • Finishing PUR material is recommended

    • Alcantara or Paint or Vinyl wrap or….

  • All parts needed to install are included except a center console

What’s in the kit?

  • Shift Bezel - unfinished PUR

  • Delrin Mount

  • #6 Phillips Screw x 2

  • Plate

  • Snap Ring/TC Button Cover

  • Velcro strip

  • Double sided tape

  • Hole Template

  • Install Instructions

  • Center console NOT Included

Model Compatibility:

  • S2 Lotus

  • Installed on Left Hand Drive cars but we believe it should work on Right Hand Drive

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