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Carbon-lined Synchros


Extended durability and faster shifts. To enhance the OEM Toyota C6X transmission to withstand track conditions and spirited driving, we developed replacement synchros manufactured from brass with carbon sleeves. We teamed up Synchrotech - a Honda transmission specialist with a long history of race applications - to bring these synchros with carbon technology derived from aerospace applications to market. These synchros not only increases the longevity of your gearbox, but also substantially improves the feel and speed of selecting gears.   

  • Carbon Composite Lining

  • Stronger body made from Japanese Brass

  • Improved lock angle for quicker shifts

  • Increased surface area contact

  • Strong bonding between carbon and brass

  • Improved oiling grooves

  • Includes: 1-6 gear synchros

    • 2nd gear is a multi-ring synchro

Model Compatibility

  • '04-'11 Elise

  • '05-'11 Exige

  • Toyota C60/C64 gearbox (2003 Model Yr or later)

Other info:

  • 500 mile Break-in period

  • Motul fluid recommended

    • heavy fluids (like Redline MT90) are not recommended with these synchros


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Lotus Synchros.jpg
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