Boomerang Rear Tow Hook


Boomerang Tow Hook. Anyone who has spent enough time on track has feared the moment when the unfortunate occurs and you end up off track. It happens even to the best of us! Then you start to wonder, what if you're facing the wrong way and cant get to the front tow hook? Fear no more!

Bolt-on Solution

  • The Boomerang OFFSET rear tow hook eye can be used on Elise and Exige!
    • with 3 element diffusers
  • Bolts straight to factory mounting points.
  • Requires NO modification to your car.
  • Works with factory or aftermarket diffuser exit exhaust systems.

Safe and secure anchor 

  • Was specifically engineered to distribute the force on the tow eye over a relatively even area.
  • Will safely tow a rolling car in the event that you go off facing the wrong way. 

Model Compatibility:

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06 Exige & '07+ Exige S, Cup & 211
  • Will not work with 5 or 7 element aftermarket diffusers
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