Rebuilt C6X Transmission for Lotus 2ZZ-GE


Professionally Rebuilt C6X Transmission for your Lotus.  The 6spd transmission is a weak point in the Elise/Exige in both high HP and tracked cars. This C60 trans is completely inspected and refreshed with our new Carbon-lined Syncros, seals & bearings.  The housing has also been cleaned thoroughly.  The gearing on this trans is from the Celica and boasts a longer 6th gear which results in lower rpm.  This is especially good for SC cars or for clients looking for better freeway cruising and mileage.

Price includes CORE charge.  If you send us a rebuildable core, we will refund $400.

If your transmission has given up and you need a replacement fast, or if you just need a spare, this is your answer! We can also build you a custom trans*.

Model Compatibility:

  • All Toyota 2ZZ-GE-engined Lotus

*Need a custom trans?

We can build you a transmission to your spec including:

  • OS Giken LSD

  • stronger 3rd/4th gears

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