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111Renew: Elise/Exige Restoration Service

from 5,000.00

111Renew Service is our restoration program for the 2005-2011 Elise and Exige.  We can renew your Lotus to like-new condition both mechanically and cosmetically.  We have worked on these cars since 2004 and can fit OE factory or aftermarket parts to rejuvenate your tired car. 

Send your Lotus to our spa for proper treatment!  Call us for a customized quote as we can bring your car back to stock or tuned up to your hearts content,

Level I - starting at $5k+

  • simple mechanical upgrades including:
    • suspension bushes
    • suspension refresh or rebuild
    • brakes

Level II - starting at $10k

  • Simple mechanical upgrades (see above) plus:
    • trans rebuild
    • shifter upgrades
    • radiator uprgades
    • new dampers/springs
    • more
  • Simple cosmetic upgrades
    • Respray to correct stone chips/scratches
    • Clearbra install
    • Degrease engine bay and/or suspension components - CyroCleaning
    • Minor fiberglass repair and repaint

Level III - $20k+

  • All mechanical repairs/upgrades
  • All cosmetic repairs/upgrades
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Photo Sep 17, 11 33 50 AM.jpg
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