Lotus & Drakan Prints

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Lotus Elise & Drakan Spyder Fine Art Prints! We've partnered with Rogue Collective to create a line of fine artwork of the cars we love.

These were painted by John Anthony Sahs.  John has been in the car design industry for the past 20 plus years and now is working as interior design manager at Nissan Design America in La Jolla, CA.  In his spare time, John enjoys attending local car gatherings where he photographs cars and creates automotive art with traditional and non traditional mediums.

John has captured the Drakan and the Lotus Elise Artcar2 nicely in these prints. Other sizes are available as well. The canvas has been stretched onto a wood frame and backed nicely. Includes mounted hanger on backside.

Custom Colors Available!

  • Call us with your specific color combination, and John will render it

Custom Commisions of Your Car are Available!

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