Even Stock Shocks Should Be Rebuilt

We know many of you are happy with the stock shock valving that came on your Lotus.  But all dampers need to be refreshed at some point.  Typically mileage is what most use to gauge when to replace them but age also plays a big role.  Since shocks degrade slowly and drivers unconsciously compensate, most don't realize that the suspension is not working as well as Lotus intended them to. 

Don't Drill Through Your SubFrame!

We are not big proponents of permanently modifying street legal cars.    Race cars are different animals so anything goes with them.  We serviced a car recently that had a competitive rear toe link installed.  What we found was troubling.

Tire Selection Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road!

Changing tires is something we must contemplate at some point.  Sportscars generally require this sooner than later.  Care must be taken or you can ruin the beautiful handling of your Lotus.  Tire selection is a very complex issue and not one that can be fully addressed in a short article.  Since your tire is what holds your car to the road, I thought it would be a good issue to discuss.

Measuring Ride Height

Setting ride height is especially important to ensure your car handles correctly.   Light weight cars are very sensitive to proper set-up and right height is a key criteria that should be managed carefully.

Read the following to see where and how we do it...

Track Prep: Trilogy of Terror

The Elise & Exige can be a very fun track day car.  We believe that prepping the car does not require much investment.  There are three areas that need to be addressed if you plan to track your Lotus Elise/Exige.  These three areas will keep your car running safely and reliably.  They are:

  1. Rear Toe Link
  2. Oil Starvation
  3. Fuel Starvation

Each of these can be addressed with parts, or in some case with additional maintenance scrutiny.  Let's discuss each in more detail....