The ProAlloy Chargecooler install proved to be a straight forward job that required some creativity and fabrication. We had to rethink the location of the tank as we are keeping the emissions related charcoal canister. Additionally it required some clam cutting to get the IC tubes plumbed and a special bracket to support the chargecooler. Luckily creative solutions are in our DNA…

Fitting the hardware and plumbing

Fitting the hardware and plumbing

Once we completed this installation, we fired it up. Nice to hear it start!

The guys over at HMW Motorsport provided us a set of Takata ASM belts for use in the Spyder. I want to thank them for their generosity. They bolt in with the S111 Hardware just like the Schroth belts that we are accustomed to fitting to the Lotus - probably because Schroth own Takata! The Spyder is getting a 4pt system on the passenger side and a full 6pt on the drivers side. We painted the front surface of the CF Big Bottom Seat that we fitted for an extra custom look. Note the stripe of carbon running down the side. Very cool and very comfortable!

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