We still needed to fit the bodywork. Lotus use shims/spacers and other tactics to fit their bodywork. We used every trick possible to get our car looking good. We also aligned the car and set the ride height to an acceptable height for rough canyon use. We were tempted to go lower because it looks more sinister but we have always put function before form so…heck we installed 15” front wheels on this car!


Over the years I have had some fun with stripes. I think it may stem from the 10yrs I spent at 3M Automotive - makers of the screaming chicken decal found on the hood of many TransAms… Here is one of the favorites schemes.

We needed to start work on the stripe scheme. The images below show some ideas we played with. Of course the final design will remain secret until we unveil the car at WCLM.

Here are some ideas that we played around with…