We keep crankin’ on the Spyder as the West Coast Lotus Meet approaches. We landed on a color for the roll hoop, tried to add a naca duct and fit the Lexan windshield. Some success and one failure…

The roll hoop color was going to be either green or red. Our Powdercoaters showed me some options including a clear. I wanted to make sure the beautiful welds were not hidden. They recommended a Candy Apple Red powdercoat that was translucent. It required a bit better surface prep as all the surface scratches are also visible. The final result is amazing and we are quite pleased with it.

Sometimes you want to try out an idea and it requires cutting things. I had an idea to add a naca duct to the front clam to get a bit more air into the radiator. We had a nice CF duct and a plastic one. We took some measurements and it looked like we would be close. We made the decision to cut the clam and see if it would fit. Well it didn’t! Luckily we have a man who does amazing work with fiberglass and we repaired it….

A Spyder is technically a roofless version of an existing sports car with a cut down windshield. The previous Spyder we built had no windshield but this one was getting a small one. We decided to start with the Lexan version we sell. It required some test fitting to get the function & aesthetics right. We took measurements to determine what height we wanted the windshield cut down to. Carlos is 6’ tall and we wanted the windshield to land just above his view straight out of the car. We laid a tape line at the height to confirm and then cut it.

We are using a combination of screws and adhesive to bond the windshield. We first marked the location and then bonded nutserts into the windshield surround and a-pillar. Though we believe this will be enough to hold it, we plan to use a silicone adhesive to add additional bonding that will still make for ‘easy’ removal.