Don't Drill Through Your SubFrame!

We are not big proponents of permanently modifying street legal cars.    Race cars are different animals so anything goes with them.  We serviced a car recently that had a competitive rear toe link installed.  What we found was troubling.  See the picture below. 

As you can see, the hole that was drilled during installation is not centered.  Their kit requires drilling through the subframe and wishbone bushes to accomodate a larger bolt.  There is no good way to ensure that you will drill through the center of the bush - unless you remove it.  Clearly this was installed by a shop that decided to drill the bush/wishbone while it was still in the subframe.  

Additionally with this solution, you will never be able to return your subframe to stock as it will be permanently modified - which means diminished resale value.  We don't see any point in doing this as the marginally lower cost of their kit is clearly offset by the additional labor and future resale loss.

missdrilled bush.jpg

We are clearly biased as we sell bolt-in rear toe link braces that do not require such mods.  Have a look at our solutions before you permanently modify your car.  Find them: HERE

We know that cars that don't have permanent mods tend to sell for higher premiums.  The closer the car is to stock, when you sell it, the more it will fetch.  We advocate installing only bolt-on solutions and retaining the stock parts just in case you plan to sell your car in the future.