Testing: Stock Front Swaybar + Rear Swaybar

We needed to determine whether or not a factory front bar would work with our new Rear Swaybar.  I was a bit skeptical as the torsional stiffness numbers did not suggest that it could work with stock settings.  So I decided to stiffen the stock swaybar using a trick we have used for many, many years.  We drilled an additional hole to effectively stiffen the front swaybar.  Lucky for us, the factory bar has enough real estate that we can safely do this - as we have since 2005.  8^)


We set the rear swaybar to the softest setting and went out for a road test.  The balance was good.  Turn-in was not as quick as it was previously but the car handled nicely.  I stormed through my favorite test canyon with this set up.  The car has also been running a new calibration for our KATANA2 kit so it felt especially quick.  Ftankly, this made the handling even more critical.  Our suspension remained compliant in the street settings and with the redrilled stock front swaybar, I was very happy with the car's performance.  I did not run it in the stock hole setting as our new settings felt 'just right'.   If you have a yellow factory adjustable front swaybar, the tuning possibilities will be even better. 

Photo Dec 19, 5 21 58 PM.jpg

I can confidently recommend our rear swaybar to anyone with any factory front bar.  If you are willing to drill the stock non-adjustable bar, you will have good balance.  One advantage is that you can run your stock suspension and get the benefit of a flatter handling car with the addition of our Rear Swaybar.   No need for new dampers - unless yours are worn out.

drilled hole.jpg