Engine Mount Trouble!

trans mount detached

We love the fact that Lotus are lightweight cars.  One reason is the minimal number and size of fasteners used on the cars.  These fasteners have a tendency to come loose and need frequent inspection.  In fact, we always like to do a visual inspection BEFORE any driving event - especially a trackday.   Engine mounts are items that we recommend should be inspected before each event or ...

detached mount

In the last month, we've had two cars in for service, a '06 Elise and a '11 Exige S260 with engine mounts that were compromised thanks to fasteners that had either become loose or fallen out!  This resulted in major powertrain movement that caused collateral damage including:

  • damage to oil pan
  • damage to subframe stiffner
  • poor shifting
  • shift cable damage
  • more
oil pan damage

We have used the 60pt Prep Sheet to help check critical areas on these cars.  Find it: HERE.  Winter is the perfect time to look over your car and get her prepped so you don't suffer any of the problems these last two car owners have had to deal with!