111RS Spyder Build: Part 1

We are building a new Lotus Elise Spyder and I wanted to start blogging about the work. This car is based on an Exige S240 and will feature many of our mechanical upgrades. We have a brave client, Shane, who has agreed to be our sponsor and I can’t think of a better client to work with. Shane has owned many cool cars including an Elise, Atom3, GTR and more.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration

We love light cars and the Lotus are from the factory, very light. Drastic measures are needed to really shave weight from these cars. Our donor Exige S240 had rolled on track so was in need of new bodywork so we got thinking…this sketch below came from one brainstorm with a designer Sergio.

cropped sketch.jpg

We decided to run with this ralley inspired style and landed on the following renders from our friends at RogueCollective.

111RS Spyder Homepage3.jpg
111RS Spyder Homepage2.jpg

Repair Your Lotus Marker Light

The Lotus Elise/Exige marker lights suffer from broken posts that attach it to the clam. These plastic posts can snap when an overzealous hand tightens a bit too generously. Replacement parts are getting harder to find so repairing your broken part is often the best option.

The Sticky Lotus Cluster Needle

Many of you have had concerns with the cluster needles sticking in your Elise or Exige. There is a trick you can try before taking it in to your Dealer that may fix the problem - especially if it is nothing more than just a stuck needle. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your driver's door

  2. Press and hold the trip button (Located on left side of steering column)

  3. Turn the ignition key on

You should see your needles shimmy or it will cause the stuck needle to fall down. If it works, great! If not, you will most likely need a new cluster, so head over to the dealer.

Brake Pad Types & Bedding Pads/Rotors

Brake pads selection is often a tricky affair.  A pad that works well for one person may not be good for another.  It is good to understand the different types of brake pads along with bedding in procedures.  This blog attempts to shed light on these areas to better allow the reader to make the best choice.