Track Prep: Trilogy of Terror

The Elise & Exige can be a very fun track day car.  We believe that prepping the car does not require much investment.  There are three areas that need to be addressed if you plan to track your Lotus Elise/Exige.  These three areas will keep your car running safely and reliably.  They are:

  1. Rear Toe Link
  2. Oil Starvation
  3. Fuel Starvation

Each of these can be addressed with parts, or in some case with additional maintenance scrutiny.  Let's discuss each in more detail....

Exige S260 Shift Cable Damage!

We have had two S260 Exiges in the shop in the last month.  Both cars have suffered from poor shifting.  The shifts were very stiff and somewhat vague.  Even when we compared it to a bone stock '05 Elise that we have, the shift action was clearly off.  We found that each was suffering from the same issue....

Lotus Alignment Recommendations

  A proper alignment is critical to performance of your light weight sports cars.  These cars are very sensitive and respond well to changes in suspension setup.  These recommendations are based on experience we've gathered since 2004 with the Lotus 111 platform.  Your results may vary so we suggest you start here and tweak as your driving style demands.